Perpetually Under Construction

For some reason, I’ve had this page for years. Over time, it has hosted some cool stuff, but these days, not really. It started off as a Posterous page which was easy to update on the go. Later, it transitioned to a RapidWeaver page, simply because I was interested in how web generators worked. iWeb was another neat, user-friendly application that allowed you to quickly build basic HTML files and host them on iDisk. It was cool because it integrated with GarageBand and you could manage a basic podcast and RSS feed with it. It was a fun feature of .Mac, and was very popular for school projects.

I briefly experimented with Weebly, Wix, Webflow, and a few other systems, but never really found anything that was easy to update quickly while on the go. SquareSpace was nice overall, but their web apps sucked until very recently.

I run this page to learn about cloud services, DNS, SSL, PHP, MySQL, graphic design, backend systems, web development, WordPress, security basics, backups, automation, scripting and technology in general. If you find some of the info on this page helpful, awesome.